BBQ Double Tri Tip

I am about to grill two tri tips (a hex tip?) for a few friends coming over.  I am following Bobby Flay’s recipe from  So this will be fun since I’m doing two on my little charcoal webber (18″? not sure, but it’s the regular one that you think it is).  I have my coals and chips all set as well as the drip tray.  Soon I will light them, one hour before cooking, as usual.  I’m going to sear one side for 10 minutes, the other a little less time, both on the hot coals, then swivel the grate over to the drip tray for 30 minutes.  Last, I just have to let the meat rest for 15.  I think I’ve timed it out well so I know when to light the match etc. etc.  The other trick is always the vegetables–this time I’m cooking them on the gas grill.  Also, I’m putting one tri tip on for longer cause some people like grey meat.

I will update and add pictures at some point–it’s difficult to predict when I can do this due to family time, bed time, etc. as much as I love isolating myself on the internet.

For this attempt, I have the pre-marinated cuts from the supermarket, so that half of the prep is done for me.  I only have to worry about cooking and cutting the meat.  Party on.

Obligatory link to my favorite BBQ post.